Structural Steel Inspection

If you are looking for a structural steel inspection for your projects, Rafail CAD & Engineering Inc. is more than happy to assist you in achieving your goals. Rafail CAD & Engineering Inc. is on-site during the fabrication and erection of a steel structure to inspect the bolting and welding to ensure the materials and structure is within accordance with CSA-W47.1, CSA-W59, and CAN/CSA-S16. Our inspectors and welding engineers are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau  Group (CWB).


The final structural inspection and test plan, as well as all test results, are reviewed by a professional engineer certified to CWB W178.2 Level 3 for visual inspection, that follows the CSA-S16, CSA-W59, and AWS D1.1 standards. We perform work with:

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